Top Ten Songs about the Empire Builder, a Listicle

Five years ago, Laura Gibson released a record called Empire Builder that, quite reasonably, had a song on it called "Empire Builder." If you're not familiar, Gibson is a songwriter and musician from Portland. She has the distinction of being the singer whose quiet voice single-handedly inspired the creation of the popular NPR Tiny Desk… Continue reading Top Ten Songs about the Empire Builder, a Listicle

Etude: On Postcards

Looking back at the past year, most of the writing that I've done that hasn't been for grad school has been in the form of postcards. It certainly hasn't been on this blog! Since January 2020, I've been sending one almost daily to my aunt, who is in hospice. First, I used the postcards that… Continue reading Etude: On Postcards

Wendell Didone, Free Font

One of my grandpa's best habits was writing elaborate birthday notes in his own ostentatiously idiosyncratic, hand-drawn version of Bodoni or Didot. This was entirely in keeping with his character. He was thoroughly modern, but gentle and classical at the same time. He liked France, loved his wife, was briefly Frank Gehry's boss, and liked… Continue reading Wendell Didone, Free Font